In Typical Fashion…. Lots going on…

In typical De-Ann Lott fashion I have a million and one things going on.  I’ve been told that I like it that way and after years of disagreement, I’m gradually  starting to believe that it’s true. I’m goal oriented and I like to see results and resolutions.    I’m training for a hike in Yosemite with Team in Training for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  My personal honoree is Marva Ann Keyes, a friend of a co-worker who recently lost her battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  Let me say that several things have happened over the last couple of years.  Lots of transition, loss and change.  But that’s life, now isn’t it.  I’ve had lots of opportunities for attitude adjustment, change, analysis and just plain old  standing still.  I worked nearly 7 years 6 days a week for various reasons whether accumulating clinical hours for my professional license or a personal goal.  That experience of working relentlessly  helped me realize that quality of life is more important than any thing.  I wanted to explore places I hadn’t seen in the Bay Area.  I wanted to challenge myself to move beyond my comfort zone.  I wanted to challenge myself physically and emotionally.  I wanted to stir things up.  After several KBLX announcements from Cousin Kevin (Brown) I decided to check out Team in Training.  And here I am.  I have never raised money for a cause before (which is quite daunting I must add).  But I’ve committed and as much fear or ambivalence as I may experience, the trajectory is set and I must press on.  I’ve raised 16% of my goal as of this writing (very encouraging I must say) and it has forced me to use my gifts to help this cause.  So on Saturday, June 12, 2010 at 7:30 pm.  I will be featured in a benefit concert for Team in Training and LLS.  Hold the date and follow me as I train for Yosemite.  I’ve already hiked terrain that I would never have dreamed possible and there’s more to come.  In spite of the trepidation, fear, ambivalence, doubt, fatigue… I’m always encouraged by those on the journey with me and that it pretty powerful! Lots more to come.  Happy Resurrection day!  He got up!!

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