Team in Training Hike – Cataract Falls, Mt. Tam 4-10-10

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April 10, 2010

Cataract Falls, Mt. Tam Team in Training Hike

What a beautiful place in our own backyard.  I have traveled abroad numerous times to experience various waterfalls  and monuments including Victoria Falls , places in Hawaii,  Ecuador,  etc.  Sometimes it’s an awakening to know that the beauty I have sought in other places is right here in the place that I call home.  I don’t have to fly or save for it.  It’s accessible right here and just a simple drive away.  No admission fees or passports or visas needed.     There may be rugged parts of the terrain that challenge me but with a little self patience and physical navigating I can witness the beauty in my backyard.

I continue to absorb lessons along the way.  Each week I experience some level of anxiety and trepidation wondering if I’ll be able to complete the hike … if it will be more than I can handle?  I start mentally preparing days before worried about the terrain, about my fitness level,  about the length of the hike,  and then the day arrives.  I get out there with the rest of the team and slow and steady I go.  I make it.  Tired but feeling accomplished.  Often I’m in amazement as I look at the inclines and stairs and steep terrain I have traveled and say to myself  “Wow…you did it… Didn’t know I had it in me”.  Totally a metaphor for my life.  I didn’t know I had it in me.  I get to discover new things about myself, my fortitude, my drive, my desire to finish what I have started.  I recognize that the hike nor my life is a race.  It’s my personal best…. personal effort, personal sense of accomplishment and achievements and goals that speak to me.  It doesn’t matter that it’s a pretty finish… Did I finish?  Yes I did!!! I may come in last; but who said the time was being measured.  I see such beauty when I just let go and stay present in the moment.  When I just let go and breath and take in the majesty and magnificence the creation around me.  This is a moment that let’s me know that quality of life is so much more important, so much more enriching than chasing things.


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