An Evening of Inspiration with De-Ann Lott & Friends

What a wonderful journey I am on right now.  I don’t know about you but sometimes I need something to help me stir things up… you know… push against my edge and comfort zone and well,  get me out of a space of complacency.  There are many lessons that go along with an experience like this concert and the soon to be released CD and I’m learning to accentuate the positive.  When the direction I’ve been  going turns into a dead end, I’m learning to turn it around and point myself in another direction and experience the opening of doors.   There are so many wonderful people holding positive regard, sacrificing their time, talents and treasures to help bring the vision to manifestation.  I am grateful.  We look forward to you joining us on Saturday, June 12, 2010 at 7:30.  Not only will there be praise and singing going on but through our gathering  we will be saving lives.  We will be helping families whose loved ones are fighting for their lives with assistance for transportation and various expense incurred when sickness strikes.  What a wonderful opportunity for us to be in service and we are all taking a part.  Whether we are sitting in the pews, playing an instrument, singing the songs, controlling the sound board, praying the opening prayer or what ever…. we will all be joined in unison on one accord to help somebody. I’m looking forward and hopefully you are too.  It won’t be the same without you.  Join us!

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