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An Evening of Inspiration with De-Ann Lott & Friends

May 13, 2010

What a wonderful journey I am on right now.  I don’t know about you but sometimes I need something to help me stir things up… you know… push against my edge and comfort zone and well,  get me out of a space of complacency.  There are many lessons that go along with an experience like this concert and the soon to be released CD and I’m learning to accentuate the positive.  When the direction I’ve been  going turns into a dead end, I’m learning to turn it around and point myself in another direction and experience the opening of doors.   There are so many wonderful people holding positive regard, sacrificing their time, talents and treasures to help bring the vision to manifestation.  I am grateful.  We look forward to you joining us on Saturday, June 12, 2010 at 7:30.  Not only will there be praise and singing going on but through our gathering  we will be saving lives.  We will be helping families whose loved ones are fighting for their lives with assistance for transportation and various expense incurred when sickness strikes.  What a wonderful opportunity for us to be in service and we are all taking a part.  Whether we are sitting in the pews, playing an instrument, singing the songs, controlling the sound board, praying the opening prayer or what ever…. we will all be joined in unison on one accord to help somebody. I’m looking forward and hopefully you are too.  It won’t be the same without you.  Join us!

What goes down, must come up…..

May 4, 2010

What a beautiful and challenging hike it was.   Mt. Diablo is right in my own back yard and it was my first time seeing  it’s beauty from the Summit Trail.   A beautiful day with the perfect weather.  I was psyched to conquer this challenge with ease and grace.  But the finish wasn’t pretty and ease and grace went over the cliff with the ascent up the hillside.   Usually my feet are the culprits of my discomfort.  Not on this day.  My feet were doing the happy dance celebrating the presence of Happy Feet orthotics in my Keen hiking boots and the fact that they didn’t feel flat like pancakes.  And after I wrapped my toes I knew I was on to something.  Today there was no particular physical discomfort other than the challenge of the hike.  We started at the top Mt. Diablo at 9:15 am with the hike descending down into Rock City.  But the hiking lesson learned on this day was ‘what goes down, must come up’ and up….and up…. and up.   I had plenty of mantras and positive self-talk going on as we hiked back to the top at the end six and one half hours.  Mantras such as “Your body likes this” and “You can do this” and You’ve got this”.  At points I thought I’d never see the parking lot again.  And my car? Forget it.  But I made it.  I didn’t finish first and there were no bells or whistles and the finish wasn’t pretty.   But I had a  sense of accomplishment that comes from meeting an intense challenge while doing my personal best and feeling myself getting stronger each time.  Five months of training is zipping by.  I came to this experience a bit hesitant and uncertain with fears and trepidation.  But this has been another opportunity to experience the fear and do it anyway.  The fear can’t be the thing to interfere with the experience, I’m learning with each challenge.   Each time  I’ve taken on a challenge I come to the conclusion that I won’t die, I will accomplish what I set out to do and I’m in great company with others who are also on their personal journey.  There is the physical experience and simultaneously there are life lessons that are powerful and unforgettable.  Service, sacrifice and giving is what I’m learning on a whole new level.  I have such an appreciation for the graciousness of my hiking team, honorees, mentors and coaches.  And learning to give in service in a way that stretches me beyond my comfort zone, utilizing not only my physical strength but also my gifts and talents for a cause is the gift that I receive each week as dedicate myself to finishing what I have started.  I now feel that I can hike Yosemite and I welcome the opportunity as well as the challenge.  Stay tuned as we prepare for our next adventure.    

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Save The Date… June 12, 2010

April 11, 2010

Please join me on Saturday, June 12, 2010 @ 7:30 pm for an Evening of Inspiration with De-Ann Lott & Friends, a benefit for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society(LLS)/Team in Training.  Please stay tuned for more details.  Tickets will be available at  I’m so excited because my debut solo CD, Return to the Center, will also be available at the benefit concert and a portion of all proceeds from CD sales that evening will also go to LLS/Team in Training as well.  It won’t be the same without you !!!

Team in Training Hike – Cataract Falls, Mt. Tam 4-10-10

April 11, 2010

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April 10, 2010

Cataract Falls, Mt. Tam Team in Training Hike

What a beautiful place in our own backyard.  I have traveled abroad numerous times to experience various waterfalls  and monuments including Victoria Falls , places in Hawaii,  Ecuador,  etc.  Sometimes it’s an awakening to know that the beauty I have sought in other places is right here in the place that I call home.  I don’t have to fly or save for it.  It’s accessible right here and just a simple drive away.  No admission fees or passports or visas needed.     There may be rugged parts of the terrain that challenge me but with a little self patience and physical navigating I can witness the beauty in my backyard.

I continue to absorb lessons along the way.  Each week I experience some level of anxiety and trepidation wondering if I’ll be able to complete the hike … if it will be more than I can handle?  I start mentally preparing days before worried about the terrain, about my fitness level,  about the length of the hike,  and then the day arrives.  I get out there with the rest of the team and slow and steady I go.  I make it.  Tired but feeling accomplished.  Often I’m in amazement as I look at the inclines and stairs and steep terrain I have traveled and say to myself  “Wow…you did it… Didn’t know I had it in me”.  Totally a metaphor for my life.  I didn’t know I had it in me.  I get to discover new things about myself, my fortitude, my drive, my desire to finish what I have started.  I recognize that the hike nor my life is a race.  It’s my personal best…. personal effort, personal sense of accomplishment and achievements and goals that speak to me.  It doesn’t matter that it’s a pretty finish… Did I finish?  Yes I did!!! I may come in last; but who said the time was being measured.  I see such beauty when I just let go and stay present in the moment.  When I just let go and breath and take in the majesty and magnificence the creation around me.  This is a moment that let’s me know that quality of life is so much more important, so much more enriching than chasing things.

In Typical Fashion…. Lots going on…

April 4, 2010

In typical De-Ann Lott fashion I have a million and one things going on.  I’ve been told that I like it that way and after years of disagreement, I’m gradually  starting to believe that it’s true. I’m goal oriented and I like to see results and resolutions.    I’m training for a hike in Yosemite with Team in Training for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  My personal honoree is Marva Ann Keyes, a friend of a co-worker who recently lost her battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  Let me say that several things have happened over the last couple of years.  Lots of transition, loss and change.  But that’s life, now isn’t it.  I’ve had lots of opportunities for attitude adjustment, change, analysis and just plain old  standing still.  I worked nearly 7 years 6 days a week for various reasons whether accumulating clinical hours for my professional license or a personal goal.  That experience of working relentlessly  helped me realize that quality of life is more important than any thing.  I wanted to explore places I hadn’t seen in the Bay Area.  I wanted to challenge myself to move beyond my comfort zone.  I wanted to challenge myself physically and emotionally.  I wanted to stir things up.  After several KBLX announcements from Cousin Kevin (Brown) I decided to check out Team in Training.  And here I am.  I have never raised money for a cause before (which is quite daunting I must add).  But I’ve committed and as much fear or ambivalence as I may experience, the trajectory is set and I must press on.  I’ve raised 16% of my goal as of this writing (very encouraging I must say) and it has forced me to use my gifts to help this cause.  So on Saturday, June 12, 2010 at 7:30 pm.  I will be featured in a benefit concert for Team in Training and LLS.  Hold the date and follow me as I train for Yosemite.  I’ve already hiked terrain that I would never have dreamed possible and there’s more to come.  In spite of the trepidation, fear, ambivalence, doubt, fatigue… I’m always encouraged by those on the journey with me and that it pretty powerful! Lots more to come.  Happy Resurrection day!  He got up!!

Fear in it’s various forms…

October 30, 2008

Welcome to the De-Ann Lott Music blog.  This is the debut blog for the website.  I’ve been thinking alot about how to use this space and make it meaningful without it being daunting or too heavy or frivolous.  There’s alot going on in the world, in our nation, in our communities, our families and our lives.  It’s fitting, in my opinion,  to be able to discuss what we see and hear in our experiences throughout our lives.  Just yesterday, I had a hankering for some soup, Tom Kha Gai Thai Soup.  I ordered my soup to go and sat patiently at the table I was directed to by the wait staff.  With not much going on besides the rumbling of my stomach, I fell prey to ear hustling.  I heard the conversation between two diners discussing the upcoming election.  One man, began discussing the calm and steady temperament of Senator Barack Obama.  It sounded like a pretty neutral comment on the surface.  So my ears began to redirect to other discussion.  I was drawn back when The other diner, interjected with an “aha” and somewhat cynical comment stating he knew the secret for Senator Obama’s calm demeanor.  Well, of course, I was drawn in.  My ears perked up and I wanted to get to the new revelation.  The cynical dinner stated that Senator Obama was a smoker who bummed cigarettes frequently and the nicotine was the reason for his demeanor.  He went on to comment, “who wants someone like that to run their country when he can’t control his own addictions?”  I never heard a reply from the fellow dinner.  And because I was ear hustling I wasn’t free to engage in conversation about this matter without appearing aggressive or defensive.  So I did what I typically do…I thought about it. 

I don’t know about you,  but in every print or television interview that Senator Obama has been asked about his smoking, he’s been forth coming.  This conversation of the cynical diner  was old news but it was clear that this person had not read any interviews or gone beyond the sound bites.  He clearly thought that he had a earth shattering Revelation.  I started thinking about what is beneath the conversation.  And what dawned on me is that it really comes down to fear.  We are afraid of change.  We are afraid of leveling the playing field, particularly when the distribution of resources is at stake.  What we often fail to realize is that there is enough for everyone.  It is the nature of humans  and our need for superiority and exploitation that promotes the notion of scarcity and reinforces continued fear based behaviors. 

What do you think?

Hello world!

October 10, 2008

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